Clean torrent Captain America Civil WAR 2016

Captain America Civil WAR 2016

Civil War Captain America TC-2016 HD x264 AC3-CPG


Here we have a perfect release of this wonderful movie.

batman colors are confusing to me, but this time, after work, they look really alive.

Perfect early Chinese source as usual. We also have our own sources HDcam, but decided to go in the car.

colors, levels, RGB, sharp, Jon Snow Line Magic a little after 1 week I had to finish synchronize audio with video.

I wrote SRT our own strength, but fortunately, TC has subtitles in English as well as in foreign parts.

His film credits as a whole and that it was then

Watermark is not big or anything annoying, appearing only at the beginning, then went poof. I cut the intro Chinese beginning 2/3 black screen there yay In other words, nothing is missing seconds is hardly so.

samples are collected,

a few hours, 720,

Video: AVC 2255kbps 2PASS-HQ

Resolution: 720×320

Audio: AC3 Audio Digital


Subtitle: Eng Ch and foreign parts only

Source: THX 1080pCH

Encoder: CPG

Example: included


We believe that the newly formed Avengers Steve Rogers to lead the team for their tireless efforts in the preservation of humanity. But the collateral damage as a result of other events will also take part after Avengers political pressure led by the governing body to oversee and lead the team to establish a reporting system mounts. The Avengers status quo new fractures, resulting in two camps – one led by Steve Rogers and his Avengers desire to remain free, to protect humanity without interference from the state, and the wonder of Tony Stark, the state administration and approve the accounts.

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