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Notepad ++ is a free, open source application for writing text. A powerful editor full of options, Notepad ++ is ideal for programming as normal tekst.Notepad ++ works with tabs, so it is very easy to work with multiple files open simultaneously. Therefore, compared text is very simple, and each line are numbered. Font size in Notepad ++ can be easily increased with the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel is used to zoom in, press and hold. Pressing F12 tab float above everything Windows.Za coding, Notepad ++ recognizes many programming languages ​​and automatically something like HTML much easier to see to do with color coding the text. It also has an excellent find and replace tool. Instead of Notepad window, Notepad ++ is amazing because there are so many more features and capabilities, while still being incredibly lightweight and functional stabilen.Belezhnik ++ application, but it will be no prizes for looks, and some winning features is only useful for developers. However, anyone who writes text will find Notepad ++ a useful tool, and much better than Windows Notepad.Belezhnik ++ has more features than ever likely to use, but is one of the best and most complete text editors available.

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