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Of RAM Manager is an application that optimizes memory and storage of the best balance between enough free memory and current applications. This application reduces lag behind in order to increase the speed of your machine solves problems with multitasking, slow switching between applications with low productivity and improve performance in all directions. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 You can only enhance the speed of the device just choosing a certain profile, you really need.

The main advantage of this application is that it allows you to adjust RAM, according to your needs (you can choose how much memory the percentage you want or what percentage you want to multitasking).

How does this work

Open RAM, and choose receiver, now you can go for how much memory slider or multitasking want.

Extra section is primarily for users who also want to create a swap file or edit VM heap size. If you have trouble restarting the starter, there is a possibility that the repairs.



-free / memory usage

-Memory information

Of RAM settings

-RAM receiver

custom settings

default settings


-I Block projectile in memory (to prevent their starter from being killed)

-Clean memory

Dropping cache (Clear Cache page and dentries inodes)

Coop size -VM

File Exchange


ROOT is required

Benefits of PRO version

without ads

all features

fast support

More frequent changes

will support development by buying this application

What’s new

Small changes in UI

Removed part Interaction

Fixed minor issues

Requires Android and

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