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– 32-bit Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

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– Activity

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What’s New:

Open Microsoft Office, you will immediately notice the new design and fresh. However, all the features of the old and familiar is not enough, and is complemented by new ones, to help work more efficiently. The new application can also be used in smart phones, personal computers, tablet PCs and cloud environments, even on computers without the necessary details of the room. Now the important files will always be available to you wherever you are and on any device or application.

using location

Install Office by using a Microsoft account.

Using the program on another computer.

Save the file to SkyDrive for easy access and sharing.

Use your own personal way to determine what you are.

Save and share them in the cloud. Cloud storage time you connect to the Internet. Now you can easily save files on SkyDrive Office or sites of organizations where you can work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other office files and give them to other users. Despite the fact that you can work on a file simultaneously with others.

Meeting. Attend online meetings using PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and OneNote notes together.

Participants can view the files, even if they are not yet established a set of officials.

Startup option. Instead of a clean slate, you can select the document or template favorite. OneNote allows you to find and book from the Internet or from your computer.

Economical and easy. You do not need a long time to search and view chat. His most files, you will soon. You can change the location where he was always there.

Share files easily. All percentages documents collected in the office at one place, which can be opened by clicking on a tab, select File Sharing.


Assembling set the original Microsoft Office 2013 has built-in improvements in three languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian) and the budget of more that can facilitate the installation and configuration to the last detail.

General information:

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, KMSAuto Lite from Ratiborus Additionally: Manage tab – switching between files using a window (for example, a browser)

Automatic installation is done using the PMP file (MSP folder) and, if necessary, you can customize it to your taste with the help of October. Details of usage of October can be found in the following link: After installation is complete, it is recommended to disable the virus decisions – the process is very fast and predict the movement of successful increases.

Automatic installation option (a)

/ O86U – silent installation of Office (x86) Update

/ O64U – silent installation of Office (x64) Update

/ O86N – silent installation of Office (x86) with no improvement

/ O64N – Install Office silence (x64) without updating / V86U – Install silent Visio (x86) Update / V64U – Install silent from Visio (x64) Update / V86N – Install silent from Visio (x86) without updating / V64N – Install silent Visio (x64) without updating / P86U – installation is silent (x86) update / P64U – installation is silent (x64) update / P86N – installation quiet (x86) without updating / P64N – installation is silent (x64) without updating / UP2013 – install update / KMS – work / TAB – install Office Tab / – no development, for example, the command / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB install Office update x86, x86 Visio no improvement, stimulating production and installation Tab Office. For unpacked version (EXE GB), as well as start-up as follows: -nr GM2 “OFFICE2013% Temp%” / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB

file names should be replaced appropriately.

* Do not install the product completely different (x86 Visio and Office 64)

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