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Kalea 7 hot tropical getaway from the busy day, because sometimes it takes a little rest and sometimes requires new latitude. Built on a platform of women’s Genesis 3, Kalea’s striking beauty, exotic, mysterious and tropical.

Another traveler, Kalea 7 looks great in the jungle, forest or on the beach. He is at home in the pedestrian zone in the city of Santa Monica Sunni. exotic beauty that makes it rich and natural, but it can be ready for the night slipping in the light of the moon.

Venture – The mystery and adventure. Kalea 7 Where will you lead? Find Paradise on Kalea 7th

The main features Kalea based on 3 Genesis 7, including:

Detail Enhancement (more)

Kalea increased detail in the fingers and toes, neck, lips and breasts, because they are more realistic than the previous generation of human qualities.

Articulation (more)

One of the most significant enhancements over the previous generation Kalea 7 Daz figure how to allow the movement of individuals she ears, fingers, chest, neck and stomach. In addition, a good deal of deception revised set capacity, creating incredible diversity.

expression (more)

Over 60 more points diversion advance provides the ability to create amazing facial expressions and emotional states unrealistic.

improved technology (read more)

The development of new technologies, such as the card number four Dual weight, Triangle network access, reducing the number of skirts and the standard Udim UVS to Kalea 7 is more compatible with other industry standard 3D application for ease of use cross-platform.

software support (read more)

Leading software products to take advantage of DAZ Studio DAZ 3D model (which can be downloaded for free from Get Studio). Genesis 3 content will just fall directly into DAZ Studio smoothly. Genesis 3 content of the work must use the latest version of DAZ Studio is available.

Genesis 3? Click here to learn more.

Kalea 7 courtesy of Metrics step for DAZ Studio:

Height – 5’8 “(173 cm)

Bust Tur – 36 “(91 cm)

Waist – 26 “(67 cm)

Hunting Hip-Scope – 39 “(99 cm)

What is included and features

The package includes:

kalea 7

Kalea 7 Home Bundle

Lanni Hair Genesis 3 girl (i)

Maui days of inventory on Genesis 3 girl (i)

Rogue clothing for Genesis 3 shameless girl (i)

The beauty posing for Kalea 7

Candles for Kalea 7

Oleander hair on Genesis 3 girl (i)

Tropical style clothing for Genesis 3 girl (s)

Eternal Desert Warrior clothes for Genesis 3 girl (s)

YES Beach girl posing for Kalea 7

FVSA Halina HD Kalea 7

Genesis 3 Elements of the female anatomy

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